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5 common social engineering scams

Boring's Not So Boring Blog  Social engineering scams have been going on for years and yet, we continue to fall for them every single day. This is due to the overwhelming lack of cybersecurity training available to the employees of organizations big and small. In an...

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Humans & cybersecurity practices

Boring's Not So Boring Blog Based on a comprehensive survey of 5,000 IT managers across 26 countries, Cybersecurity: The Human Challenge provides brand new insights into the state of cybersecurity skills and resources across the globe. It reveals the realities facing...

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COVID-19 & Healthcare Cybersecurity

Boring's Not So Boring Blog COVID-19 has phenomenally altered the way healthcare functions, with growing adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring. The threat landscape in healthcare, too, has become fertile ground for phishing campaigns, malware,...

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Keep your data safe from phishing attacks!

Boring's Not So Boring Blog Cybercrime is on the rise, and hackers are using any opportunity to take advantage of an unknowing victim to gain access to personal information for financial gain. One commonly used tactic is phishing. Phishing messages are crafted to...

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Remote Working & Coronavirus

Boring's Not So Boring Blog Coronavirus has brought remote working to the top of everyone’s mind. With many organizations already enabling or exploring remote working, here are 11 tips to help your users, and your company, stay secure while protecting everyone’s...

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A smooth transition into going paperless

Boring's Not So Boring Blog There are advantages to going department by department when you implement a document management system. Think of starting small as your “sandbox,” a development term for experimentation that confirms the direction you should be taking....

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Helpful Tips about Disaster Recovery

Boring's Not So Boring Blog The Truth About Disasters They can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they cause is truly catastrophic, many of which never recover. The strength to avert disasters and effectively handle the ones that occur starts with...

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