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How Digital Workflows Benefit Remote Accounting Workers

Boring's Not So Boring Blog The challenges of operating successfully when most employees are working from home are often felt keenly by accounting departments. If your organization has been putting off beginning a digital transformation or has only taken the first...

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5 Ways to Recognize a Ransomware Attack

Boring's Not So Boring Blog Whenever we work with ransomware victims, we spend some time looking back through our telemetry records that span the previous week or two. These records sometimes include behavioral anomalies that (on their own) may not be inherently...

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Your Checklist for Returning to the Office

Boring's Not So Boring Blog Your Checklist for Reopening the Office As countries, states, and cities begin to lift restrictions, and businesses slowly open their doors, the time to plan for what will be the ‘new normal’ in the office is now. This checklist can be used...

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3 Key Cyberthreats Schools Need to Keep in Mind

Boring's Not So Boring Blog   With valuable, and often underprotected data, education institutes are prime targets for cyberattackers. On top of regular security challenges faced, the new complexities stemming from COVID-19 are offering cybercriminals tailormade...

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Why Your Tampa Area Business Needs an IT Support Partner

Boring's Not So Boring Blog Many small businesses need reliable IT support in order to succeed in the digital age, but hiring a full-time IT staff may not be in the budget. If this is the case, outsourcing your IT support can be an affordable solution. Below, we'll...

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5 Tips for Working From Home

Boring's Not So Boring Blog As COVID-19 has swept across the world, and now hitting Florida in a big way, with Governor DeSantis announcing a statewide shutdown order through April, more people are working from home than ever. This new endeavor can be stressful,...

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