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Online File Keeping: Setting Up Systems That Work

In this episode of the Boring Blog, we are going to continue going over how to keep those digital documents digital.

There are many ways to keep documents digital, but – in the end – it comes down to making sure that everyone knows the processes and that they follow them accordingly.

To begin, you need to review the processes within your organization. We will go over some of the more paper-intensive tasks here.

Is your organization sales-based? 

Most of the CRMS that are out there have a way to create sales quotes and sales packets.

Make sure that your sales team is comfortable with presenting to a client with a digital packet and a signature solution. 

If they are not, consider using a solution that allows them to be scanned directly into your sales workflow. This way they present the way they are most comfortable, and paperwork does not get lost during the workflow.

Are you a law firm or legal department within an organization?

Solutions will now allow for full OCR and even for you to scan directly into a matter or client folder from the MFP in your office.

This ensures it goes into your files exactly how it was intended without having the added step of going back to your computer and moving it from your email or file tree into your LMS. 

Sometimes, you may even want to store those documents in a document-management solution prior to moving them into your LMS so that only what is necessary at the end of the case is stored there.  

Are you a medical office or medical practice?

Nowadays, most EMRs are completely digital, allowing for most of the documentation to remain digital. 

Faxing is still the most common – and sometimes even required – means to move data from office to office.

Consider moving to a fax solution to keep those documents from moving to paper. It creates an audit trail and ensures that HIPAA policies for patient data are followed and your office is not accidentally exposing patient data.

Patient records can be stored securely in a cloud-based solution. Many of these solutions just need some small modifications in their system regarding storage to make them HIPAA compatible.

There is also a solution that integrates with many of the most popular EMRs so that you can get patient data directly into them from the current MFP in your office.

In our next Boring Business Systems Blog, we will discuss some of the more popular solutions and what they bring to your organization in regards to boosting efficiency and productivity.   

Contact us today to get started on some new document management solutions for your business!

Author: Tom Hubler, Technical Solutions Consultant at Boring

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