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Document Workflow Management is a system for producing, tracking, editing, storing and managing documents.  Different business processes such as sales or accounting will have different requirements for the processing of associated documents

Most businesses will accumulate a mass of paperwork, and often it can seem that paperwork is the business.  Documents get passed from department to department on their way to filing.  And even then, the process is only halfway completed; business records must be filed, protected and made available for later retrieval.

Solving the document problem

Document Management Software creates the workflows to streamline document processing.  Documents are now digital and can be processed across the entire network, including remote and cloud storage.  Along the electronic document workflow process, documents can be edited, annotated, and approved.

By electronically systematizing document workflow, management can easily pinpoint bottlenecks and unnecessary steps and optimize functionality in and between departments.

Remote access makes employees more efficient

When documents and processing is done electronically, remote access can be given that allows employees to work from other locations.  This includes disaster situations such as hurricanes.

Protecting vital business documents

In addition to the benefits of digitizing and streamlining document management, electronic copies can be safeguarded in the network backup systems and cloud storage.

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