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Did you know that your business’s usernames and passwords could be online for the Dark Web world to see? Digital credentials connect you and your employees to applications and online services that help run your business, which is why they are the most sought-after assets in the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is made up of digital communities that sit on top of the Internet. While some people use it for legitimate purposes, over 50% of Dark Web sites are used for criminal activity. Many companies have had their digital credentials hacked and sold on the Dark Web but didn’t know it until contacted by law enforcement. 

How to Protect Your Business

While some attacks may be inevitable, there are ways to protect your business from being compromised. With our Dark Web Monitoring Services, we’ll identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen data. 

We’ll go into the Dark Web to monitor hidden chat rooms, private websites, peer-to-peer networks and more. Our Dark Web intelligence will allow us to see industry patterns before they become trends, so we can keep your employees protected. Lastly, our reporting platform can extensively track and triage incidents.

Why You Should Invest in Dark Web Monitoring

  • Criminals may use your credentials to further their criminal agenda. 
  • Employees often use the same password for multiple services, which increases your risk for more damage from a single compromised credential. 
  • Most companies don’t find out about their credentials being stolen until it’s too late. If you’re proactive, you can find out about it a lot sooner and limit the damage that could be done. 

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our Dark Web Monitoring Services.  

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