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Lakeland KonicaMinolta DealerBoring Business Systems is Central Florida’s leading multi-line vendor of office print systems.

In our 90 years of doing business, we have not found one printer or copier to be perfect for every customer.

And we know that in today’s busy office environment, business professionals are constantly on the go. Clients and visiting suppliers may frequent your location, so the ability to print quickly and securely from smartphones, tablets and laptops without having to configure and connect to networks is required. That’s why many of our products feature mobile and follow-me printing capabilities.

Our line of products include:

  • Standalone printers
  • Standalone copiers
  • Multi-function printers
  • Wide-format printers
  • Color and black/white machines

Is high-volume printing right for you?

“High-volume” is simply a phrase that refers to the amount of prints and copies a machine makes within a specific period of time, usually one month. A business only needs to print or copy about 20,000 pages per month to justify a high-volume multifunction device. (20,000 pages is approximately 4 cases of paper.)

When your business comes to Boring, we don’t sell you a piece of equipment, we sell you a solution to your problems.

During an initial assessment of your business, one of Boring’s sales representatives will determine whether your business qualifies as a high-volume printing environment. Businesses that do high-volume printing and are not using a machine not designated for high-volume run the risk of not only decreasing the life of the machine, but paying too much in toner and maintenance.

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