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End-user Desktop Management and support is time-consuming, even in the largest IT departments. The hours spent on desktop maintenance can be better used engaging customers.

Our Complete Desktop Management Services include:
  • Software/OS Patch Management: Prevent desktop crashes and maintain peak performance by keeping software and OS patches up-to-date
  • Virus and Spyware Removal: Our Automated Remote Desktop Management System executes regularly scheduled AV and Malware sweeps to secure your companies data.
  • Software License Management: We maintain records of software licenses deployed on every workstation to prevent lawsuits and fines for illegal software use.
  • PC/Handheld/Laptop Inventory Management: Our Desktop Management Tools also maintain an inventory of all end-user computer assets to prevent theft and save your company money.
  • Workstation Performance Tuning:  Our Desktop Management Service delivers automated tuning of employee desktops to ensure peak performance and improve productivity.
  • Reports: Our Remote Desktop Management System provides your senior management with detailed usage, performance and inventory reports.

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