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How to Monitor Occupancy in Your Workplace for COVID Safety

Over the past few months, businesses and organizations across every industry and every part of the globe have witnessed a changed landscape. In response, new requirements have been enacted to limit the spread of COVID-19 and ensure public safety, and tools to better understand occupancy are critical to support reopening and to monitor ongoing compliance.

Today, we’re proud to help our customers reopen safely with the launch of Crowd Notifications. Combining Verkada’s edge-based people detection capabilities with our real-time notifications engine, Crowd Notifications allow customers to proactively monitor their physical spaces for overcrowding.

Proactively Monitor for Overcrowding

Crowd Notifications deliver real-time alerts when more than a specified number of people are detected in frame. Users can select a threshold anywhere from 2-10 people detected in a single frame, with custom settings for each camera.

For example, for a camera looking at a confined space, it may be important that not more than 3 people are detected at any one time, while a larger space might be able to accommodate 10 people safely. By providing the ability to specify these thresholds on each camera, the Crowd Notifications feature gives users the flexibility to minimize overcrowding across their facilities.

Once a crowd is detected, users receive a notification via email or SMS with an image and a link to review the associated footage. From there, users can track activity throughout the facility, archive footage, or alert local staff to take action.

Getting Started

To get started, Site Admins should enable Crowd Notifications on a camera’s settings page. From this page, Site Admins can also specify the minimum number of people or vehicles that should be detected in order to trigger a notification.

To receive Crowd Notifications, Site Admins and Site Viewers should click on the gear icon from the Notifications page and choose SMS, Email, or both. Once a crowd has been detected by the camera, Site Admins and Site Viewers who have subscribed to these notifications will receive an SMS/email.


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Source: Zaafir Kehrani, Verkada Blog

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