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Should your business utilize Managed Network Services?

Every day businesses are turning to Managed Network Services to free up their own staff and gain insight from IT experts. The purpose of Managed Network Services is to proactively monitor a company’s network (Internet connections, security, etc.) and repair any network issues that may arise. Outsourcing Managed Network Services saves you valuable IT time, as network engineers rapidly assess the situation before the company may know that there is a problem. Here are five reasons why many companies choose to outsource their IT monitoring:

  1. Merge information from multiple locations

If you have multiple locations for your business, then you know the challenge of keeping everyone connected, your systems up and running, and information flowing smoothly. Network engineers will monitor your systems and handle the needs of your remote locations.

  1. Allow your staff to focus on more important matters

You may not have the time, tools, or manpower in place to effectively monitor your company’s IT network. When it’s time to focus all of your energy on growing your business and effectively serving your own customers, the last thing you want is to waste valuable IT time troubleshooting and monitoring company networks between remote locations.

  1. Have access to the performance of your critical network components

Utilizing Managed Network Services doesn’t mean that you lose control of or access to your performance reports and tracking. On the contrary, it allows you to be fully updated and alerted at all times without having to identify and troubleshoot issues yourself.

  1. Keep your network monitored and managed at all hours

Oftentimes abuse happens in the middle of the night, so having 24-hour monitoring in place is critical for your business’ security and success. On top of simply monitoring your systems, it is important that the engineers be trained in responding to alerts and knowing how to fix the issues.

  1. Minimize operating costs by outsourcing

You’ll notice the financial burden of staffing and overseeing your own IT Department taken off your shoulders when you trust a specialized Managed Network Services provider. Put your time, energy, and financial resources into nurturing your business, and let the tech experts handle your growing network and infrastructure.

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