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Protecting your company from the Dark Web


Stolen user credentials (emails/passwords) found on the Dark Web can indicate that your company or a 3rd party application/website that your employees use may have been compromised and that you should take action.

Cybercriminals traffic and buy stolen credentials so they can infiltrate your networks to steal your data. By monitoring the Dark Web for threat intelligence about stolen user data associated with your company’s domains, you can be alerted when a compromise is detected, so that you can respond to stop a potential costly and
widespread data breach.

Your executives and administrative users often have greater access to systems, information,
and sensitive data. If their personal email credentials are compromised, the attacker
may be able to use social engineering to trick other employees to gain access or reuse the same user credentials to gain access to corporate systems. Therefore, it’s important to monitor the personal mail addresses of your executive and
administrative users, in addition to their corporate email accounts. Dark Web ID will monitor up to 10 personal emails, in addition to those within
the corporate network.

Some cyberattacks will come through exposures to third-party vendors from your supply chain. The interwoven systems of vendors and partners
present security risks, as data is shared across networks. The growing need for cyber supply chain risk management has prompted forward-thinking organizations to add dark web monitoring to vendor due diligence. Dark Web ID
allows an organization to monitor up to 10 vendors/partners in addition to 10 domains
of their own.


Three ways the Dark Web can compromise your company via the supply chain:

Selling stolen or counterfeit products is a key activity of cybercriminals. Liaisons are carried out in the dark web and transactions can then be carried out, seemingly innocently, in plain sight on legitimate sites like eBay.

If your supply base is responsible for any part of managing your product – manufacturing, packaging or transportation – cybercriminals will have access to it. They will know where it is, where it is going and how to intercept it.

Most IP is surprisingly freely shared between a company and its suppliers. It has huge value if sold to the highest bidder, and it also carries risk such as exposing confidential projects or business
arrangements. With access to your systems – sometimes with as little as an email address – hackers and cybercriminals can trawl your networks looking for IP. That blueprint for a new microchip will be wide open to theft.

This is the easiest thing to lose: email addresses, passwords, credit card details… with just small
elements of this data, criminals can deduce passwords, create hacking strategies and gain access to sensitive information, which they can then sell to the highest bidder.

While you can’t mitigate risk entirely, you can be more in control. Dark Web ID can detect and monitor what information from your company is being trafficked on the uncharted web.

80% of all cyber breaches are attributed to past partners

45% of attack campaigns target manufacturing
and service sectors

40% of attacks campaigns target manufacturing and service sectors. 

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*National Institute of Standards and Technology


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