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PROs Elite 100

PROs Elite 100 is another office imaging organization. The PROs Elite 100 certification is awarded to a very limited number of select organizations displaying world-class service delivery. Only 100 dealers in the United States and selected international markets will earn the PROs Elite 100 status. Only 1 dealer in any market will awarded this distinction.
Among many things, this is what Boring Business Systems’ PROs Elite 100 status means to our customers:

  • The customer can rest assured that they are doing business with the office products company, in their local market, that has been recognized as the most admired for its Service Culture by its customers and by the nation’s Service benchmark execution specialist, PROs.
  • The PROs Elite Dealer agreed to have its level of service results continuously monitored and audited by the PROs proprietary Performance Improvement Virtual Operations Tool (PIVOT) to ensure consistency of service delivery to their customers.
  • The PROs Elite Dealer must earn certification through demonstrated service excellence, year after year, to retain this Elite Service status.

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