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2 Key Factors in Considering Multifunctionalizing

Many businesses don’t realize how many stand-alone printers they have. Even worse, many businesses don’t realize how much money it is costing them to not have multi-functional devices.

When a print environment isn’t fully managed, it has the potential to become a black hole for worker productivity. Even if it’s overseen by somebody within the organization, it’s highly likely that the person doesn’t have the time to give all the various technologies the TLC they need.

Many businesses are unaware of just how many standalone printers they have. Making matters worse, many decision makers don’t know that these devices can be expensive to both operate and maintain. And, okay, many people appreciate printers for their simplicity, but they aren’t up on all the benefits an MFP can deliver up and down your organization—here are two to kick things off…

1) Optimize: Having the expertise, a support team and the tools to right-size a fleet of hardware (and, down the road, software) are three critical components of what an MPS provider brings to the table. But in many cases, among the first things the consultant will do is see how many single-function printers are in a given environment. By potentially replacing them with MFPs, however, users will have native features to take advantage of from one do-it-all device and, in countless cases, will gain the ability to better integrate with software, which can have extensive workflow and automation ramifications.

2) Reduce Costs: Oftentimes, an organization won’t just have a lot of dedicated printers—it’ll have dedicated printers from a lot of manufacturers. This could mean a whole cache of different supplies to manage, not to mention multiple service providers to keep track of should hardware routinely break down. At the end of the day, through consolidating functions into one piece of hardware, your supplies costs will be several times less expensive and you’ll see better results to your bottom line.

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