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Christmas Toy Drive

This holiday season, Boring encouraged our associates to give back by collecting unused toys to benefit Lighthouse Ministries. These toys will go to help families in need with children ranging from infant to teen. Over the course of two weeks, we collected a fair amount of toys and then set off to deliver them to Lighthouse.

While we were there we took a tour of the facilities to get a better understanding of the work they do. Lighthouse Ministries, which was started in 1977, is a life learning campus that offers not only shelter for its residents but educational and vocational development. The facility is about 25 years old and shelters homeless men provides daily feedings to men and women and also hosts a men’s program that focuses on education, job, and rehabilitation services. They have their own hydroponic garden which not only helps feed their residents but also allows for work therapy opportunities through their internship program.

Lighthouse Ministries is able to operate solely through contributions from businesses and generous citizens who want to help see the homeless get off of the streets and on the right track to a better life. We strongly urge you to consider contributing in any way you can to this great organization. You can find more information on their website if you wish to help.

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