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A Treasure Trove of Typewriters

In a time when small businesses come and go, one has always called Lakeland, Florida home.

In 1924, Boring Business solutions opened its doors selling a wonder of technology: the typewriter. It remains a family treasure to this day.

Fifty-one typewriters line the wall. It’s a collection like no other.

“I don’t know if it’s the best typewriter display in the world but it’s the best one I’ve ever heard about,” said Allan Dean Boring III, whose grandfather started the business.

While there isn’t much use for a typewriter anymore, Jeff Boring, a fourth generation nephew in the family business, believes it’s time to move on.

“It’s like the dinosaur. It needs to die,” Jeff said.

Not as long as Uncle Allan is around. Allan is proud of his collection and the history it represents.

“I keep them because it’s the roots of where the business started, and it’s what I was familiar with when I first got into this company, and I think it’s good for employees to see and for our customers to see when they come in,” Allan explained

When people come into Boring Business Solutions looking for computer equipment and business supplies, a part of the past always catches their eye.

“They are sometimes more excited about looking at the typewriters than they are the equipment up front that they came to see,” Allan said with a smile.

Typewriters may have gone extinct in daily use but live on here as a reminder of the roots of a family business.

“I wouldn’t’ sell the collection for any amount of money,” Allan said.

And how can you even put a price on something that started with your grandfather and helped support a family through good times and bad?

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