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5 Tips for Working From Home

As COVID-19 has swept across the world, and now hitting Florida in a big way, with Governor DeSantis announcing a statewide shutdown order through April, more people are working from home than ever. This new endeavor can be stressful, taxing and make it difficult to focus. However, here are some helpful tips to make this time successful and enjoyable.

The Number 1 Tip – Start The Day The Same Way

In your normal day to day life you most likely have a routine – wake up at a certain time, brew your coffee, shower, read or listen to the news, or go for a run first thing. Keeping to this schedule is not only important for your overall mental health but helps get your mind ready and prepared for a “workday” even if that’s from home. Change out of your pajamas and do your best to stay away from any distractors like your favorite tv show, or those clothes that need to get folded.


Continuing to communicate is imperative during this time of isolation. Staying in touch with your employer and co-workers will keep everyone in the loop. With today’s technologies, teleconferencing is easy and accessible. This can help break up the day, bounce ideas off each other and boost your mental health. Take this opportunity to create a weekly review for your boss outlining what you accomplished and show your plans for next week. This will not only keep you accountable but is also a great way to show your initiative and value. 

Minimize Distractions 

One of the hardest things to avoid while working from home is distractions, those dirty dishes in the sink or the pup barking and wanting to play, can all pull you away from work productivity. If you set up your space and schedule your day, away from those distractions, you’ll find they are a little easier to avoid. Set up your desk in your own space and time block your day so you’re not getting up every few minutes.

With That Being Said – Take Breaks

It’s important your brain has breaks throughout the day. When time blocking, make sure to include several times of rest. Use this time to eat a healthy snack, throw the clothes into the washer, take advantage of a 2-5 minute meditation app or exercise and take the dog on a walk. These breaks can be one of the perks of working from home – just make sure not to abuse it or get too distracted. 

Stay Healthy

Working from home can either hurt your health routine or help it. Make an effort to do the latter. If you stick to your normal routine and wake up at the same time, there’s more time in the morning to cook a healthy breakfast and prepare a healthy dinner. Drink lots of water by keeping a large glass with you at your workstation. Drinking water in and of itself is helpful but in addition, will help keep you from eating unhealthy snacks – no Quarantine 15 here. 

We hope these tips and tricks can help make working from home productive both professionally and personally. If Boring Business Systems can be of any service with teleconferencing, Printing or IT needs we are absolutely here to help.

If your company needs assistance with creating systems for work at home employees, Boring Business Systems would be happy to help. We offer managed network services, VoIP and cloud services. We can get these services up and running for you quickly.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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