Over the last few years, copy machines have evolved far beyond basic copying. Nearly every copier since 2002 has a hard drive that allows for scanning, copying, printing, and emailing. This hard drive, much like the one in your personal computer, keeps a copy of every document that passes through the copier. This regular piece of office equipment can easily become a security nightmare.

In today’s fast-paced business world, most documents pass through a copier at some time or another. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to accept this problem and try to solve it. Used office equipment is very easy to come by. And for that matter so is easy access to birth certificates, medical records, bank records, social security numbers and other sensitive information. An identity thief merely has to purchase a used copier, remove the hard drive and extract documents using software available for free on the internet.

Consumers all over the country believe their information is secure, but only 40 percent of them understand the risks that come from having their information digitized. Unfortunately, once a copier is discarded, there is no telling whose hands your personal information could fall into.

All of our partners offer security or encryption packages for their products to help keep personal documents safe. One product even automatically erases documents from the hard drive after the task has been completed.

It is important to realize that your customers trust your business to keep their information safe. This is not a responsibility to take lightly. Even if you do not have security features on your current system, you can still get your hard drives scrubbed for residual documents before discarding.

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