Go Green Initiative

Toner Recycling

At Boring, we care about the earth. Used electronic equipment and cartridges fill a tremendous amount of space in our landfills. Plus, many of these items contain materials that could be hazardous to our ecosystem’s health.

Through recycling, we can turn old cartridges into brand new remanufactured cartridges. Not only are these cost-savers, but they are also environment-savers. The production of inkjet and laser printer cartridges numbers in the hundreds of millions each year. Through recycling, we have the ability to save over four million cubic feet of landfill space by processing them for reuse.

We currently collect both original manufacturer (OEM) and remanufactured toner for all laser jet print devices (HP, Lexmark, Dell, Canon, and more) and ship it back to our supplier, Westpoint.

Wespoint operates all empty toners / core collections under ISO14001 certification. This means they are a no landfill company, so whatever does not get reused in the remanufacturing process gets recycled. All plastics are chipped up and disposed of through a certified Waste to Energy facility where they use the plastics to build other plastics. Same with waste toner which is put in barrels and disposed of through a WE facility where they burn it for energy. All metals and corrugate are also disposed of properly, so nothing goes to the landfill. 

Together with Westpoint we are committed to preserving the environment and eliminating unnecessary waste to secure a cleaner world for future generations.

To request your toner recycling package, please contact us.

Also, check out this flyer from Westpoint detailing their remanufacture and recycle program!

Cardboard & Paper Recycling

Throughout Boring's office location, numerous bins are in place for employees to recycle their unneeded paper products. When these bins become full, all the paper is sent to a partner company who shreds and then recycles the paper to be reused. Boring is also proud to offer a full line of printer and copier paper that is 100% recycled.

Along with recycling paper, Boring employees are extremely diligent with reusing and recycling cardboard boxes and other products. Our Parts & Shipping department reuses boxes of the needed size and quality for packaging of shipped customer products. All other material is broken down and placed in a large cardboard container located in Boring's back lot. This container is emptied weekly by the City of Lakeland's Recycling Division.

Going Green in the Community

In April 2010, Boring was a sponsor for the Lake Mirror Green Celebration in Lakeland, FL. During the event, we gave free samples of "green" office supplies, which included 100% recycled pen and paper pad sets. Here is an article that The Ledger wrote about the event.