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Category Archives: Boring’s Not-So-Boring Blog

2 Key Factors in Considering Multifunctionalizing

Many businesses don't realize how many stand-alone printers they have. Even worse, many businesses don't realize how much money it is costing them to not have multi-functional devices. When a print environment isn’t fully managed, it has the potential to become a black hole for worker productivity. Even if it’s overseen by somebody within the…
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The Boring Way- Our Company Culture

When Boring Business Systems was founded in 1924, we knew that we had to be more than just another business to give our customers the support they needed. So we became a family, which would support the families that make up other businesses. We are passionate about offering solutions to our clients which help them…
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A Treasure Trove of Typewriters

In 1924, Boring Business solutions opened its doors selling a wonder of technology: the typewriter. It remains a family treasure to this day. Fifty-one typewriters line the wall. It's a collection like no other.

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We are Celebrating our 90th Anniversary!!

LAKELAND (THE LEDGER) Another year, another milestone for one of Lakeland's most enduring businesses. On Sept. 24, Boring Business Systems will commemorate its 90th anniversary with an invitation-only celebration for clients and colleagues at the company's facility just east of downtown Lakeland. The festivities will include a trivia contest dubbed "Boring History," and a cooking…
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